Did you work for a railroad in the Washington, D.C. area (within 75 miles), or do you know someone who did? Please contact us. We would like to hear your story and consider it for inclusion in our oral history project.We are creating a digital video record of former railroaders and making it available on-line and for other educational purposes.

We are also seeking individuals to help us record the oral histories though quality digital video captures of these stories, transcribers (or  to help us create a written record, and interviewers to help solicit the stories.  If you have an interest in railroading this is a project that puts the people in the historical context of the old equipment, photos, buildings, and ephemera we are all so fond of. DCNRHS will pay for the costs of consumables, and provide training where appropriate.  We assume videographers can provide their own equipment.

Here are some links to a few sample videos from our project: