DCNRHS has a substantial collection of the Baltimore & Ohio Employes Magazine, which was printed monthly from 1912 to 1961. In addition DCNRHS has access to a private collection of the magazines. Together the collections comprise a nearly complete collection of these historic artifacts.

The Employes Magazine contained a variety of information including company news and announcements, various advertisements, notices about promotions, deaths, births, welfare of railroad families, and other items of interest across the B&O system. Local representatives contributed to the magazine. An example article appears in the next column.As part of our digital history project, DCNRHS is looking for a volunteer(s) to create digital genealogical records of these magazines and to help us make them available on-line. If you are interested in working on such a project to help us make this information available in a digital format, contact us.

NOTE: If you are looking for genealogy information, at this time we regret that cannot help you until this project is completed. A portion of the magazines are available for review at our library. Please do not ask for research help at this time.